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Why Should You Get an Electric Gate?

If you are thinking about installing electric gates on your property, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of benefits. Foremost, is that your property is afforded even greater protection. Statistics show that for burglars, the greater the obstacles, the less likely they are to intrude. If you have pets and young children on your property, you can be certain that they will not be able to escape. You could also save money in the long run. A gate can add to the value of your property, whilst some insurance companies will offer lower premiums if your property has a gate. If you value your business or home, an electric gate really is a necessity.







Steel Gates

Our steel gates are sturdy, strong and safe and will give your home serious protection. Steel is not only strong but will give your property real refinement and will look great on both modern and traditional styled homes. You can choose to have sliding and swinging steel gates, the choice really is yours. Our steel gates are expertly welded, galvanised and powder coated so you can be sure that they will have a long and healthy lifetime.


Aluminum Gates

We can also construct aluminium electric gates if you are looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing. Aluminium gates can be constructed in a number of colours and finishes. Like steel, aluminium is strong, sturdy and will last long into the future. Whatever your home looks like, we’ll be able to craft the perfect electric gate system for you.


Wooden Gates

Our wooden gates can be built in a number of materials to really complement your property. Timber gates are an excellent choice if you are looking for something a little more refined. Our timber gates are constructed to the highest of standards and will look perfect on both contemporary and traditional homes.


For the full range of timber gates get in touch for further information about our electric gates in Birmingham, Nottingham or the Cotswolds.

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Aluminium Electric Gates in Birminghamwooden Electric Gates in BirminghamElectric Gates in Birmingham






Intercom Systems

A very useful feature that can be incorporated into your electric gates is an intercom system. An intercom system will allow you to see/hear who is at your gate without leaving the comfort of your own home. A GSM intercom system will allow you to control your gate through your phone, whilst a wireless system will provide you with a real time video of your guest. We can install a range of intercom systems into your gates and we are here to help you find the one right for your property.

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Service Contracts

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner with electric gates in Birmingham, Nottingham or the Cotswolds, we know how important it is for your gates to be in excellent working order. If your gate does break down, this will cause untold problems to your life and/or your business. As such, our expert electric gate engineers are on call, ready to help if you do have a problem. Whether you need a short term or long term contract, we can create the right service package to suit your needs.

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If you’re looking for electric gates in Birmingham, Nottingham or the Cotswolds, get in touch to hear what we can do for you.

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